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  University Of Seychelles American Institute Of Medicine (USAIM)

USAIM offers WHO recognized Post graduate medical degrees for Indian doctors at affordable costs. CLICK HERE to visit their website.


USAIM is accredited, fully recognized and approved by the Charter of the President of the Republic of Seychelles.

USAIM is listed and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an accredited medical school (Reference: WHO Bulletin, October 2001). For more details about the same CLICK HERE.

USAIM is also listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED)' and recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). For more details about the same CLICK HERE.


USAIM is recognized and approved by the High Commission of India in the Republic of Seychelles.




USAIM has Limited Registration status with the General Medical Council (GMC) of United Kingdom.For more details about the same CLICK HERE.



Recognized by the Medical Council of Mauritius.

View the Recognition from the Medical Council of Mauritius Document


For a more updated list of accreditations Please CLICK HERE

The University of Seychelles, American Institute of Medicine (USAIM) has designed a PG program for Indian Doctors as follows:

1) It is a 3 year (6 posts) post graduate degree after completing M.B.B.S degree

     ( 4 years + 1 year internship) leading to M.D/M.S degree from USAIM.

. The student must have completed 2 years (4 posts) residency in the specialty in which he/she is interested. All the 6 posts must be done in India in a hospital or an institute recognized by USAIM.

. The two remaining posts can be in any specialty, which must be completed

    in either an USAIM recognized hospital or an USAIM affiliated center.

. At the end of the three years, final examination, comprising of both theory

    and practical, will be conducted in India or Seychelles.

2) If a student has completed all the six posts as above then he/she is eligible to apply for MD/MS examination under the USAIM approved consultants. This list can be obtained from:

. Executive and Admissions Office:

3) The fee structure is as follows:

$5000.00 US Dollars per 6 months (1 post)

. Every student must write one major dissertation; if a student has done all six posts he/she will be able to do M.D/ M.S program by paying a fee of $5000.00 US Dollars which will allow the student 6 months to finish their dissertation. The student will then pay an examination fee of $1000.00 US Dollars for the final exam which will be taken ~t the end of the 6 months.

. If the student has done 4 approved posts, then he/she may complete their final 2 posts in a USAIM affiliated hospital by paying USAIM $10,000.00 US Dollars. The student will also pay $1000.00 US Dollars examination fee for their final exam.

4) At present USAIM is offering post graduation in the following specialties:

     .    Internal Medicine                                . General Surgery

     .    OBGYN                                                 . Radiology

     .    Dermatology                                        . Ophthalmology

     .    Pediatrics                                             . Orthopedic

     .    Psychiatry                                             . Anesthesiology

     .    Family Medicine                                  . Neurology

.   ENT

5) All completed applications and required documents must be sent to the USAIM

     Executive and Admissions office in the USA.

Executive & Admissions Office

University of Seychelles - American Institute of Medicine (USAIM) 6302 Illinois Road, Suite 222

Fort Wayne, IN 46804

. U.S.A.

Phone: 1-260-740c2211 (U.S.A.)

Fax: 1-260-432-5819 (U.S.A.)

E-mail :


. DISCLAIMER: USA1M is the University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine. MCI does not regulate foreign PG-MD/ MS degrees since 1971. As per current norms all doctors who are holding foreign MBBS Degrees and are holding a MCI registration, after clearing the screening test, as per MCI act 13-4[B], are eligible to practice in any Hospital, Clinic, Medical Institution in India,



Dr. D. Y. Patil Educational Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., is a part of the D. Y. Patil Group founded by Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil. (For more details about the group please visit their website                         .

DYP Educational Enterprises has associated with USAIM to provide facilities for UG and PG students of USAIM wanting to do clinical rotations/house posts and internships in Maharashtra. DYPE is the single point admission node for any student wanting to join the MBBS/ MD program awarded by USAIM.


Admissions are available in-the following specializations:

. OBGYN                       . Radiology

.   Pediatrics                    .  Anesthesia

. Orthopedics                   . Ophthalmology

. General Surgery                .  Internal Medicine

. Psychiatry                    . Dermatology

Students undergo postings in India and their work is guided by highly qualified honoraries who ensure that th<: student is well prepared for taking licensing examinations/interviews in India and abroad.

Admissions are taken in small batches and there are a total of 50 seats.

Students acquiring these degrees can work / practice in India after clearing the Screening Test / Interview held by MCI as per their regulations.

The curriculum, teaching methodology, examinations, award of degree is under USAIM and therefore students are assured of a world-class degree at an affordable cost.


For more details contact:

Mr.Suvajit Saha

D. Y. Patil Building, Opp. MIG Colony, Adarsh Nagar, Worli, Mumbai - 25.

Tel. : +91-22-24370613/9485 /9702.

Fax. : +91-22-24370621  Email:




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